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Meetings and Important Dates

Decades of ServiceWhen: 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 7PM

Where: Lions Community Center,
Main Street in Barker

Become a Member!
Visitors are welcome, so stop by!

For more information or to join the fun, please contact Lion Club Treasurer Jim Bittner at or 778-7330.


Information about Upcoming Meetings:
Every meeting is Bring-a-Guest Day!

Present plans call for one Regular Meeting a month - that being the first Wednesday of each month. For the coming year, dinner will be $15/person. Please honor your reservations.

DINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: We have an adopted policy that if you make a dinner reservation, but do not attend you are charged for dinner. Our caterer is given a number and she prepares that many dinners. We need to pay her for that number. If your plans change, and you cannot honor your reservation, please contact Lion Secretary Matt by Tuesday at 7 PM (24 hours before the meeting starts). Otherwise, we will have to en- force the policy.

The third Wednesday will be a Board Meeting. The Board will meet first with every Lion being invited to attend at 7 PM at our clubhouse. We will follow up the Board meetings with potluck snacks and desserts and social/game time together. There will not be a $15.00 dinner charge on these nights.

Dress Code: Appropriate full dress will be required for the DG visits and other meetings where we will be with other Lions groups (unless their club states otherwise). For regular program meetings please dress comfortably and appropriately. No problem about pants versus shorts versus jeans. No holes. No inappropriate sayings. Go with polo shirts or something similar. Attendance and participation is more important than what we are wearing.



September 4: Regular meeting – Dale Association

September 6: Lions Night at the Races

September 15: Somerset Days - 600 chickens. ALL HANDS ON DECK!
We will be cooking 600 chickens. Cook starts at 7:30 AM at the Babcock House. We need 6 people there to cook. Also, we will be serving this meal. We need at least 6 people from 11 AM—2 PM to help serve. Lions members, partners in service, students needing community service credit are all welcome. MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW. THIS IS AN ALL HANDS ON DECK EVENT. MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW. THIS IS AN ALL HANDS ON DECK EVENT.

September 18: Board Meeting

October 2: District Governor Visit

October 4: Chicken BBQ - Noon start. Chicken delivered to Elks at 4:00.

October 16: Board Meeting

October 17: Chicken BBQ - Hartland Methodist

October 31: Halloween Party

October 31: Cheese Sale Due

November 6: Blind Seals

November 20: Board Meeting

November 20: Cheese Delivery


November 6: Blind Seals

November 20: Board Meeting

Last updated 8/26/19

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